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Marketing: Original Music Video Promotes Agent’s Hometown

Your town doesn’t have its own song? Create one. A Colorado agent hired professionals to create an online music video that markets her services and her town.

LYONS, Colo. – Laura Levy, a real estate pro with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, commissioned a special anthem to be created about the small town where she works – Lyons, Colo.

The professionally produced song named “Two Rivers” – and an accompanying music video – pays tribute to the town, while showing off all of its sights. The music video follows a young woman moving to Lyons and discovering the small community for the first time. As the lyrics read: “Tiny homes, the labyrinth. Rave with your neighbors on a Halloween night. Bluegrass picks and promised vows. Stars on the planet always shining bright.”

“I’ve been blessed to serve the people of Lyons and wanted to find a way to pay tribute to a place that has fulfilled the lives of so many people, myself included,” Levy says. “A musical town deserves its own song and music video. I believe the lyrics of the song and visuals of the music video are a wonderful way to highlight all of the little things that make Lyons uniquely special.”

The song was unveiled online on the first day of the town’s 28th annual Rocky Mountain Folk Festival. The song was written by a local songwriting team, Arthur Lee Land and Carol Lee, and features Lee Land and Monica Marie on vocals.

Lyons, which sits outside of Boulder and is nicknamed “The Double Gateway to the Rockies,” has about 2,000 full-time residents. It hosts popular Planet Bluegrass world-class music festivals.

“Real estate is much more than selling houses; it’s about connecting with the people you serve and adding to the cloth of the community in a meaningful way,” says Chris Mygatt, president of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Colorado. “[Laura] is well-known for taking marketing to new creative heights. The ‘Two Rivers’ song and video has certainly elevated her commitment to the local community and solidified her unique ability to tell a compelling story not just about a home, but about her community.”

Source: REALTOR® Magazine

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