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Get First-Time Buyer Leads by Preparing Them to Buy

Survey: Only 41% of first-time buyers say they feel prepared for the process – and 47% believe that the homebuying system is “rigged” against the buyer.

NEW YORK – Prospective first-time homebuyers may need more guidance and assurance – and the Realtor that provides assurance may tap into a number of customers who don’t yet know they’re customers.

Only 41% of first-time buyers recently surveyed say they felt prepared for the homebuying process; 47% believe the homebuying process is “rigged” against the buyer, and 44% fear making a costly mistake, according to a new survey from Framework, a resource on homeownership. The company surveyed more than 600 prospective and recent first-time home buyers.

Fifty-five percent of prospective first-time homebuyers said they could use an independent advocate to coach them through the process of homebuying and homeownership.

“Buying a home is the biggest purchase we’ll ever make and keeping it takes some planning,” says Danielle Samalin, CEO of Framework.

Overall, more than half of first-time home buyers – either prospective buyers or recent buyers – said that buying a home was more difficult than it should be.

Homebuyers expressed concern about several challenges around financial uncertainty, such as paying taxes, whether they could afford homeownership and the cost of home maintenance.

Source: Framework

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