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10 Ways to Serve the Pet Owner Niche

The American Pet Products Association estimates U.S. pet owners will spend $75.38 billion on their pets this year. Here are ways to serve this ever-growing niche.

1. Keep treats and an animal crate (or two) in your vehicle in case buyers decide to bring their pets along to look at properties.


2. Join a breed-specific club and socialize with members.


3. Take your dog to dog parks and connect with fellow dog owners.


4. Volunteer at a local shelter or humane society.


5. Partner with local shelters and promote pets ready for adoption on your website or social media (i.e., Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat).


6. Sponsor a local pet adoption event.


7. Set up an Instagram page to show off your own animals and use hashtags to promote yourself as a #petfriendlyrealestateagent.


8. Share articles about pets via your website and Facebook.


9. Use the phrase “Pet-Friendly Real Estate Agent” in your marketing and use the tagline “When you and your pooch are ready for a new home and backyard, talk with a Realtor.”


10. Bill yourself as a relocation specialist for buyers with pets.