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Q: When Is Florida Realtors’ President Not Its President?

A: When he contacts you via an email scam. A fake email from Eric Sain asks for “a favor.” Don’t buy into it – or any other email simply because you trust the sender.

ORLANDO, Fla. – An email supposedly from Florida Realtors President Eric Sain says only two things: “How are you doing today?” and “Can you do me a favor please?”

But it’s a fake. Scammers have been using the names of influential people for a while now, hoping that the recipient will comply without asking too many questions. In an earlier version of this scam, some Realtors in Florida received an email supposedly from their broker requesting that they pick up gift cards for them.

An association member that received Eric Sain’s scam email said the tactic remains the same. The scammers pull off their ruse after the gift cards are purchased by asking the recipient to scratch off the hidden verification number. Once they have verification numbers in hand, they can use the code to make online purchases.

If an email from someone you just can’t ignore comes through, take the following precautions:

  • Call that person or their office directly to confirm they actually sent the email
  • Check the “from” box at the top of the email. Scammers often have a legit title in the space before the “@”, but a questionable title after the “@”.
  • Be especially wary of any email sent from a Gmail, Hotmail or other service that allows anyone to sign up for an email address.
  • If you do receive a spam email, mark it as spam with your email service provider.

In the latest case, the “from” address was “Eric Sain <>”. If you receive additional spam emails from Google’s Gmail service, also report it directly to the company by clicking here.

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