A Look at Who's Running for Florida Realtors Leadership Positions

Learn more about the hopefuls looking to lead the state's largest trade organization in 2020.

Applications for 2020 Florida Realtors leadership positions closed March 31, 2019.

Officer elections will be held at the August 2019 Board of Directors meeting. The NAR Strategy Committee will interview NAR Director candidates and make recommendations to the Board of Directors in August 2019 in Orlando.

Here's who qualified to run:

Vice President

Christina Pappas | Candidate Video


George “Mike” McGraw | Candidate Video 


Gia Arvin | Candidate Video
Lynnette Hendricks | Candidate Video 
Veronica Malolos | Candidate Video 

District Vice President

State Allocated NAR Director

Per the Florida Realtors General Policies, Section 3.7 (E) The Credentials Committee shall be charged with screening applications for office to determine if the applicant meets all mandatory qualifications for a respective office. If the Credentials Committee determines that the applicant meets all mandatory qualifications for a respective office the applicant shall be deemed qualified.

Florida Realtors General Policies, Section 2.2 (F). Approved Candidate Campaign Activities states

1. The candidate for office may officially announce his/ her candidacy and begin campaign activities immediately following the posting of their name as an eligible candidate on the Florida Realtors website.

Pursuant to the General Policies, we have posted all eligible candidates. 

Questions? Please contact Heidi Watzak, Florida Realtors/NAR Activities Manager at 407-587-1426 or heidiw@floridarealtors.org.