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Learn from the Best — Advice for Realtors from Realtors

At Florida Realtors, we're dedicated to helping you be the best at your business. That's why we tap top real estate industry leaders to share the secrets to their success. With our Take 5 series, you'll hear advice on everything from marketing and listings to market research and tech trends — from been-there, done-that real estate pros.

How Brokers Can Use Facebook Ads to Recruit Agents

If you’re looking for a new way to recruit agents to your brokerage, Facebook ads is a strategy worth trying. Unlike print and direct-mail campaigns, Facebook ads let you customize your message and target a specific audience — at a very reasonable price. Learn more about promoting your brokerage on Facebook.

Are You Sending Illegal Robotexts?

If you're "robotexting," or using an auto-dialer, to contact clients and prospects from your database via their cell phones, you could be breaking the law — and some Florida brokers have already been sued. Here's what you know to keep your business on the right side of the law. Learn more here.