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As Dorian Travels North, Floridians Look to Their Insurers

Florida homeowners are breathing a sigh of relief even as they worry about the Bahamas and Panhandle residents still coping with devastation from last year’s storm.  

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The member companies of the Florida Property & Casualty Association (FPCA), an industry trade group comprised of Florida-based homeowners insurance companies, are prepared to help customers in the aftermath of the storm, according to a news release.

“Our member companies’ top priority is the safety and well-being of their customers. As all Floridians watch the projected path of Hurricane Dorian, homeowners can rest assured that Florida insurers are financially strong and ready to help make disaster victims whole again after the storm passes,” William Stander, FPCA’s executive director, said in the release.

If you were affected by Hurricane Dorian, write down your insurance company’s name, your policy number and the company’s claims hotline. Claims hotlines for FPCA member companies can be found below:

  • American Traditions Insurance Company: 866-270-8430
  • Capitol Preferred Insurance Company: 888-388-2742
  • Edison Insurance Company: 888-683-7971
  • FedNat Insurance Company: 800-293-2532
  • Florida Peninsula Insurance Company: 866-549-9672
  • Frontline Insurance: 866-673-0623
  • Homeowners Choice Property & Casualty Insurance Company: 866-324-3138
  • People’s Trust Insurance Company: 877-333-1230
  • SafePoint Insurance Company: 855-252-4615
  • Southern Fidelity Insurance Company: 866-722-4995
  • Southern Oak Insurance Company: 877-900-2280
  • St. Johns Insurance Company: 877-748-2059
  • Universal Insurance Co. of North America: 866-999-0898

After making sure everyone is safe, survey property damage and secure your home to protect your family and belongings from further risk or damage. Once your property is secured and your family is taken care of, the FPCA recommends that you immediately contact your insurance company to open a claim and arrange for an adjuster to inspect and document any damage. In some cases, the adjuster can also help bring in the contractors and materials necessary to make repairs.

Policyholders should call their agent or insurance company’s claims hotline prior to signing any repair contract and be wary of giving away their policy benefits and proceeds to a third-party vendor.

FPCA representatives are working directly with the state’s Insurance Commissioner as well as Florida’s CFO to stay informed on Hurricane Dorian developments and will collaborate with these offices on the best plan for recovery, according to the release.

Floridians can be confident in the financial strength of Florida-based insurers, which now represent more than 50% of the market, taking up the slack from the national insurers that either left Florida or significantly curtailed their exposure in the state. The combined capital and reinsurance is enough to pay all claims resulting from three storms the size of Hurricane Andrew, according to the release.

The FPCA was established in 1997 to represent Florida-based home insurers to foster and promote a healthy and competitive Florida insurance market. Through its lobbying and communications teams, the FPCA works to educate Florida lawmakers, regulators and homeowners on issues and policies that affect property insurance.

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