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Your Script Doesn’t Seem to Work? Try This

A script can’t sound like a script, and how you deliver it may be more important than the actual words. Keep them short, ask a question and say “you” a lot.

NEW YORK – To succeed in using scripts, real estate agents must practice repeatedly so the script becomes second nature. A conversation doesn’t sound congenial if one speaker appears to be reading.

Agents should also use a calm, quiet voice to deliver their script.

There are several reasons many scripts flop, such as:

  • They’re too long
  • The speaker fails to ask a question
  • They put the buyer on the defensive
  • They use “I” language instead of “you” language
  • The speakers tries to use a metaphor that doesn’t specifically apply to the buyer’s situation
  • The speaker includes a manipulative or hard close

The most important phrase in negotiation is: “It’s your choice, what would you like to do?” This makes the buyers feel as if they’re in charge and avoids having them feeling like they’re being manipulated.

Moreover, scripts should follow the “agree, counter, close” formula for overcoming objections. An example of such a winning script is: “You have that choice. Before you sign one single page, ask the listing agent who he or she will be representing in the transaction. How will you respond if the agent says, ‘both the seller and buyer’ or ‘the seller’ or ‘neither’? Ask for it in writing.”

Source: Inman (10/14/19) Ross, Bernice

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